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While taking a reading poetry class at FSU I found out that I have a passion for writing it.  Below are some acrostic poems that I wrote and hope you enjoy.  The below poems are acrostic poems where the first letter of each word of each line spells out a word or message.

The first two poems listed below were entered into poetry contests with Eber & Wein Publishing.  The "CORONAVIRUS" poem was selected to be in the Eber & Wein Publishing's Best Poets of 2020: Quarantine Edition".  The "9, ONE, ONE" poem made it into the semi-final round of the 2016 "Poetry Nation's National Amateur Poetry Competition" and it was featured in the multi-volume series titled "Upon Arrival".



Chaos of true and false information is constantly dispensed to every ONE.

ONE day turns into ONE week, into ONE month and soon ONE year, yet we fight.

Round and round goes the news, politics, and science confusing ONE by ONE, yet we fight.

ONE case rapidly spreads to hundreds, to thousands, to millions scaring every ONE.

No, don’t wear masks, but wait yes, every ONE must wear masks to bear arms in this fight.

Alone, hundreds, thousands, and hundreds of thousands pass as they horrifically lost this fight

Values tested, beliefs tested, as the economy falls, as torment is birthed affecting every ONE.

Individuals, nurses, doctors, essential workers rally ONE by ONE to give, sacrifice and fight

Random strangers and businesses rise ONE by ONE donating aide to continue and fight.

United we stand, helping ONE another, never giving up, but rather coming together as ONE.

Souls, brave, strong and valiant fight on, risking all, helping, giving, and uniting as ONE.


Click on the above pics of letters from Eber & Wein Publishing to enlarge them.

Never Forget 9/11/2001!

I wrote the next poem in honor of all those who lost their lives on 911. On this horrific day, I was living in NYC and in Interior Design Studio Class at FIT. I remember the day and weeks following like it was yesterday. This poem is for every ONE!


On this horrific day I walked to work to a new waitress job that I had just gotten at a restaurant in the West Village. The subway was shut down from where I was on 23rd St. and all the way down town.  There was no business for the restaurant that day or the entire next week. On 9/12 we had to close the doors to the restaurant because the huge cloud of dust from the towers was in the air and making it's way towards the businesses in the West Village. There was a layer of dust on all of the outside tables. As I walked to work everyday I would pass street lights with posters of missing people, flowers, and pictures of loved ones lost or missing. It was an unbelievably sad and surreal period in history.  It is ONE that will never be forgotten.



No… it can’t be… NO! 911!

Innocence ripped from every ONE!

Not ONE soul secure or sheltered.

Each ONE in an unbelievable ghastly awe!


Energies of ONE charge forth to aide!

Love of ONE ascends above thy ruins.

Evolution of we are ONE begins.

Visions of ONE helping ONE born.

Endurance of ONE species rises.

New divine decree prevails as ONE!




How do we live as ONE?

Ultimately the answer is as ONE!

Mankind exists & consists of ONE race.

And yet we fight this truth of our ONE race.

No religion, politics, or wealth changes our ONE race.


Render the vision of our ONE race.

And make this our future ONE.

Come together and unite as ONE.

Evolve, grow & become our race of ONE!




Into the deep blue mass they swim and conquer 2.4 miles of the unknown.

Racing more than just a race or challenge but an accomplishment of the soul.

One hour, two hours, four, six, eight or more they keep pushing on.

Never giving in but rather believing, pushing, moving closer and closer to finish.

Men, women, young, old, beginners or professionals all with one goal.

Along their journeys their bodies, minds and souls are tested beyond beliefs.

Never quit, never give up but rather push on and finish not one but three events.


Another discipline begins, the 112 mile bike, to conquer and power through.

Taking it mile by mile, pacing, believing, pushing on and conquering.

Heals, feet and legs push, pull, up, down and around pedaling their souls forward.

Leading their strong bodies into transition and onto the 26.2 mile run course.

Every thought, desire, drive, and total determination is to cross that finish line.

Taking in the surreal moments, hearing the cheering crowd, and seeing the end.

Everything trained and fought for has now come to their FINISH as an Ironman.




Trifecta: swimming, biking, running FAST

Racing with an early rise of black skies

Into ocean athletes dive, pull, kick, swim

Around others, they fight waves, pass buoys

Transition FAST, QUICK, in, out bike begins

Heels, feet, legs, push, pull, down, around pedal

Last event arrives, bike racked now run

One hour, two hours, five, nine or more

Nothing stops them, willpower, desire, passion

Souls –- strong, dedicated, driven, deliver, FINISH!




Building strength and speed

Racing hard in the zone

Energy staying strong

Always pushing on

Killing the competition

Instilling the win

Never giving up

Going for it


Rendering the vision

Encouraging it though pain

Conquering the journey

One moment at a time

Remembering the hard work

Demonstrating it all

Saying it’s mine!




Dreaming for

Envy of

Solicit for

In need of

Reaching for

Ever wanting




Ruling the road

Advancing forward

Conquering the fight

Idealizing the win

Never giving up

Ground breaking strength




Looking at the weather forecast: Rain? Sun?

Estimating the correct time to roll

Time set, group together, let the RIDE begin

Starting strong, holding lines, drafting, pulling

Ride pace turns getting faster and faster

Inside the draft pushing hard, must stay on

Determined, focused, fighting, staying on

End in sight, final push and STRONG FINISH!




Cycling, biking or riding

Young ones, old ones, new and pros

Camaraderie, courage, passion

Living, breathing, sleeping RIDE

Every thought, desire is RIDE!




Together we embarked on a courageous adventure

Wanting, striving, pushing for one goal, a finish

One hundred miles was only the half way point


Hundreds of miles were spent training & prepping for this ride

Under the sun’s light from sunrise to sunset we rolled

Numbering the miles & hours as they went by one at a time

Determined, focused & pushing on to finish 200 miles strong

Relying on team work, sag vehicles, nutrition, and mental strengths

Encountering technical, physical & mental challenges along the way

Dedicated & devoted support team keeping us going strong


Managing energy levels, hydration, & nutrition to sustain the ride

Imagining & visualizing the finish of this desired accomplishment

Learning new challenges & struggles to overcome and defeat

Encountering like minded athletes, souls & friends along the journey

Surreal ending & accomplishment of a hard fought finish to an EPIC Ride



(long version)


Entering the ride we rolled from sunrise to sunset

Picturing and visualizing a finish of a 200 mile adventure

Into deep moments of pushing on, we fight to keep going

Capturing the beautiful landscape around us as we rolled by


Riding wise, determined, & focused to finish strong

Irritating pains from hours in the saddle are ignored

Dedicated support team keeping us rolling on hours after hours

Ending & finishing this 200 mile journey for an EPIC ride with friends



(VT version)


Energy from sunrise to sunset met

Pains ignored to keep pushing on

Imagining, visualizing the finish

Cascading 50 mph descents


Rolling scenic views

Inconceivable Mt Terrible climb

Determined, focused, pedaling on

Energy maxed & finish accomplished


It's true that life experiences help with creativity as seen above and as is seen in the below. I wrote 2 poems after the sad passing of my sister's 3 month old baby girl and then 2 poems one on Mother's Day and the other on Father's Day.



(this is dedicated to my 3 month old niece Kenzie who passed in Jan.)


Angle who is tiny and young but mighty and strong

New world to explore and shine bright in

Gentle and loving soul that's deeply missed

Expressive soulful eyes of endless love

Life's journey is now guiding us from above




Blooms forth eternity

Love that dost not dwindle

Arrive forth modern land

Casualties that pursue re-birth

Kills towards new beginnings


Resurrection of life

Ominous eyes where love prevails

Severed paths evolves new era

Everlasting LOVE




Much more than words can describe

Ongoing endless support & love

Teachers of life's lessons & journeys

Heroes of keeping everything working smoothly

Educators of the meaning of family, life, & love

Real, honest, & always there in person or inner voice




Fun loving, hard working & dedicated to family

Always there in person, spirit or inner thoughts

True wisdom to guide all through life's journey

Helping, caring, & listening always & at anytime

Energy that's always put forth to protect the family

Real, honest, courageous and genuine everlasting love




Valiant heroes who serve for ALL

Ever sacrificing and giving for ALL

Tails too horrific to tell yet paid for ALL

Enduring struggles beyond comprehension for ALL

Rising to the ultimate act of courage for ALL

Answering their call to give ALL for ALL

Never giving up but pushing on for ALL

Solders; brave, young, old, new combat for ALL


Demonstrating the meaning of life for ALL

Always willing, always bequeathing for ALL

Yielding themselves so ALL may live for ALL




Nostalgia of another year of growth & lessons has completed

Endings & yet new beginnings with motivating dreams are set into motion

Wise lessons with new goals are implemented & now embarking on thy journey


Years fly by, but thy growths & lessons last a lifetime & more

Ending this year only to begin another wiser & ready for the new challenges

Around & around the years pass by creating gains of wisdom's & strengths

Realizing the meaning of life is to LIVE EACH DAY TO THY ABSOLUTE BEST!




Touching & meaningful moments shared with LOVE

Hosting, cooking, sharing, giving, & being LOVED

Atmosphere of beautiful feasts & aromas of all that is LOVE

Never ending stories of memories of lives lived & LOVED

Kindhearted laughter’s ringing musically through the air with LOVE

Siblings, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins or friends, all LOVED

Giving is the name of this great holiday & yes, we all do it with our LOVE

Immaculate rows of delicious; apple, pecan, & pumpkin pies that are yes, LOVED

Visitors from near or far all travel here to share this magical day of LOVE

Inquisitive children run, play, laugh, eat and learn this meaning of family LOVED

Nuances of this majestic Fall setting can only be rendered in one word; LOVE

Giving, living, sharing, young or old, celebrating this day for all that are LOVED




Magical moments of giving, sharing, & loving with family & friends

Early rise with delicious aromas from breakfast fill thy home

Reading holiday cards & gifts while sharing memories of family past and present

Rendering each precious moment in thy heart & soul so one never forgets

Young, old, bright or wise or just plain silly all share in this great holiday


Christmas brings thy family together in a world of so much uncertainty

Here, on this day we embrace and share in each other’s great love for family

Rolling laughter’s fill the home as all are just simply happy to be together

Interesting & peculiar gifts are given for laughs or simply saying thinking of you

Silent moments taken to reflect on those loved & missing on this day

Teasing from brothers & sisters make their rounds at the dinner table

Memories of the many Christmas Days from the past are joyfully shared

At last, as the day comes to an end all are grateful for the family time shared

So… ENJOY this & all Christmas’ as it’s sharing love & life with family & friends




Men or women, old or young giving ALL for ALL

Energies of the ultimate sacrifice met for ALL

Magnificent feats of courage & strength for ALL

One’s journey fought & given for life for ALL

Relentless valor & discipline met for ALL

Illuminating souls of undeniable courage for ALL

Always giving & always fighting for ALL

Love for thy county, family, & friends for ALL


Devotion of the utmost level given for ALL

Audacity that never gives up but fights for ALL

Yielding heroic souls, giving ALL for ALL

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