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My core purpose as a leader is to coach, motivate, inspire, teach, and help others.  I believe strongly in working hard and leading by example.  When I was the director of the MWCC Fitness and Wellness Center’s Multi-Sport Team, I realized I had a passion for coaching and leading others.  As director I gave lectures and clinics on how to improve swimming, biking and running.  Furthermore, I designed group training sessions such as outdoor swims, rides and runs for the members.  Through these lectures, clinics, and group training sessions, I helped inspire, motivate and coach the members to believe in themselves, push hard, and conquer their goals.


As the director and one of the head coaches of the Optimum Performance indoor cycling training center, I learned the importance and value of teamwork, planning and conducting meetings.  I would put together weekly meetings with the other 6 coaches.  We discussed everything from the current training program, to ways to improve it, new material/training, and important business dealings on how to grow and promote the center.  Through working together as a team, we evaluated ideas, made decisions, and helped build the cycling training center into a successful business.

Through my extended history of racing in triathlons and multisport events as a junior elite triathlete, professional triathlete and age group elite triathlete, I learned the importance of leading and coaching with your heart.  This means to invest time in your clients, to genuinely care for them and know how they are doing.  When my clients talk to me, I listen and pay attention to them and what they are saying.  I avoid making assumptions and pay attention to their feelings and the facts they are stating.  Furthermore, I look for solutions or answers for any of their problems.









My extensive history of being coached and competing in multi-sport events around the world has taught me an enormous amount of lessons and skills in how to lead and coach effectively.  Leading by example is one of the most important things I learned from one of my past coaches.  My clients say they love how I practice what I preach and inspire them by leading by example.  Demonstrating hard work with executing training sessions at 5 a.m. or in the bitter cold or extreme heat shows my clients that I too have to work hard and not make excuses, but rather get it done even when it is tough. 

Giving back to others without expecting anything in return is another important aspect of leading to me.  Throughout my work as a director and as a head coach, I have given away several free coaching packages and sessions.  A great leader is one who helps everyone and goes above and beyond to help them.  This in turn inspires and motivates them to do their best, and this is all I ask of my clients is to just do their best.  Leading and helping others grow and conquer their goals is extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

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